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Vietnam Nippon Seiki

Established on March 7, 2007, Vietnam Nippon Seiki is a 100% Japanese-invested company specializing in manufacturing speedometers, fuel gauges, components and wires.

Company: Vietnam Nippon Seiki Co ., Ltd

+ Date of establishment: March 7, 2007

+ Investment capital: 7 million USD

+ Company with 100% foreign capital.

+ Factory area: 19,600 m2 (land area 23,400 m2)

+ Product: Motorcycle speedometer and fuel gauge.

+ Production capacity: 4.2M/ 1 year (3 shifts a day)

Vision and Mission

Quality Policy

Vietam Nippon Seiki is committed to continuously improving the level of customer satisfaction with leading quality and price in the region by applying a quality management system according to ISO 9001, IATF 16949 standards.

Invironment policy and chemical management in products

All VNS employees commit to participating in building and maintaining an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 standards to creat a factory that is friendly to the environment and people, based on compliance with requirements of Vietnamese law and other requirements while preventing environment pollution.

Commitment to effective chemical management based on customer requirements, regional regulations and each country’s regulations. Implement continuous improvement in chemical management performance.

Our commitment:

   1. Minimize global warming (promote energy savings and reduce GHG emissions).

   2. Promote resource conservation in products (reduce the use of natural resources).

   3. Recycle and dispose of waste appropriately.

   4. Reasonable management in chemmicals.

   5. Prevent air, water and soil pollution.

   6. Comply with administrative procedures (apply for permit/ permit and submit report).



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