QCC activities take place every year in Company, helping to contribute to the development of Company, while improving the skills of team members.        
VNS Trade Union organizes the Sports Festival in 2023 for all employees. Activity has received the active participation of union members, creating a healthy playground to help physical training and improve the spiritual life of employees.  
VNS always focuses and gives top priority to the health of employees. In September 2023, VNS organized annual health checks for all employees of the Company.
Following the law on occupational safety and hygiene, VNS annually organizes occupational safety and hygiene training for employees to ensure labor safety, health and property of the business. In June 2023, the Company organized fire protection and rescue training for employees, provided knowledge, experience, and basic skills.
In July 2023, Vietnam Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. organized a summer holiday for Company employees in Cua Lo. The activity bring encouragemrnt and motivation morale, enhancing cohesion among employees in the Company. Team building games:   Gala Dinner:   Special travel in Thai Lan for employees
VNS Trade Union organizes the Sports Festival in 2022 for all employees. Athletes will compete in tug-of-war, relay race, and soccer. This is a playground for union members to exchange sports with the precept “Happy and healthy”, Local Trade Union determines physical training and sports activities to improve health, practical implementation for production and work […]
The company organizes “Year-end event 2022 and welcome the new year 2023″ to thank the efforts of all employees in 2022.        
Saving the earth environment, national energy sources VNS set up solar power systems in 2022.        

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